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Children in Migration in 2019


Children in migration are more vulnerable than adults, particularly when they are unaccompanied. Their vulnerability makes them more exposed to violence, exploitation and trafficking in human beings, as well as physical, psychological and sexual abuse. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) obliges states to protect children from violence, exploitation and abuse. All EU Member States have ratified the convention, and the EU is guided by the principles and rights set out therein.1 Nevertheless, many of the children coming to the EU to seek international protection, alone or with their families, are not sufficiently protected. This report looks into challenges to the fundamental rights of children in migration throughout 2019. It pulls together the main issues identified in FRA’s Quarterly Bulletins on migration in selected EU Member States. The report does not touch upon all areas relevant to migrant children’s fundamental rights. For example, issues related to mental health and access to education were also of concern, but other recent FRA reports have extensively covered These.

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Children in Migration in 2019


FRA – European Union Agency For Fundamental Rights



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13. 05. 2020


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